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PDF to DXF (CAD) Conversion Software

In this guide we’ll run through how you can convert PDF to DXF quickly and easily with Scan2CAD.

Scan2CAD is Avia Systems’ market leading software, helping users around the world to convert with intelligence and edit with precision every day.

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Need to convert a PDF to a CAD format? Then you’ve come to exactly the right place!

PDF to DXF Features

With Scan2CAD, you can do the following:

  • Load, save and edit raster PDF file
  • Load, save and edit vector PDF files
  • Load, save and edit PDF files containing both raster and vector entities
  • Load, save and edit multi-page PDF files
  • Batch convert PDF files to CAD
  • And much more!

Scan2CAD converts PDF files into DXF format, meaning you can open the file in any CAD software system out there.

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Benefits of Using Scan2CAD for Conversion

There are so many benefits to using Scan2CAD:

  • Powerful conversion algorithms that ensure accuracy
  • So powerful Scan2CAD can deal with single or multi-page hybrid PDF (raster and vector)
  • Convert quickly and easily with our simple-to-use software

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