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Compare License Options

Scan2CAD is available with 2 license options to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs.


License Scan2CAD to your PC/Mac.

You can choose to transfer your license to another machine whenever you wish.

1 license allows for 1 simultaneous user.

Available in Scan2CAD Lite, Pro and Business tiers.

Network (Floating)

License Scan2CAD to your network.

You will install a License Manager on a PC of your choice.

Install Scan2CAD on other PCs on the same network and point them to the License Manager. 

Your license will ‘float’ between any active user. When a user closes the application, the license becomes available for another user.

1 license allows for 1 simultaneous user.

Available in the Scan2CAD Business tier.

Offline Licensing

By default, Scan2CAD requires an internet connection to activate and validate your license.

An Offline Licensing option is available for users who work in an environment without an internet connection or strict internet connection rules. 

Offline licensing is available for the Standard and Network licenses.

Available in the Scan2CAD Business tier.


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