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Finding The Current Image’s Scale

This article relates to Scan2CAD v9.

To see what scaling applies to the currently loaded drawing we have 2 options.

1. Viewing the image statistics

We can see the drawing size by using the following menu option:- File Menu > Raster > Statistics… This will display the following dialogue:

Viewing the image statistics

The above example drawing has a DPI (pixels per inch) value of 300. The drawing height is 504 pixels. This means that the drawing height in inches = 504 / 300 = 1.68 inches

2. Measure a specific part of your image

If we wish to know the size of some part or element of the loaded image then we can use the following measurement option. Press the Ctrl+D keyboard keys. Position your cursor at the start of the distance you want to measure. Press down your left mouse button.

Holding down your left mouse button, move your mouse to the end of the distance you want to measure. Raise your left mouse button.

The measured pixel distance together with the distance in cm and inches (using the current DPI) is displayed in an information box displayed as follows.

Measuring part of an image

The Ctrl+D can be used on either the raster or vector image.
If used on the vector image then it is possible to snap to the start and end vectors being measured.

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