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How To Transfer A Scan2CAD License To A New PC

This article relates to Scan2CAD v8 and v9

To deactivate a current version of Scan2CAD (v10 and above) please see: How to deactivate your license

To transfer a  Scan2CAD license please follow the below process:

  1.  Load Scan2CAD.
  2. Go to help > Display License Viewer (If license viewer doesn’t show at this stage hit alt+tab to show the license viewer window.)
  3. Select Transfer License > Select Deactivate Now (note you must have this computer connected to the Internet for this stage) If you can not see a ‘Transfer license’ button, please see the fix below.
  4. Confirm deactivation.
  5. Un-install Scan2CAD using the add/remove programs utility.
  6. Your license will now be free to install on any PC, network location or USB stick (respective to your license type) you wish.

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