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Troubleshooting Connectivity for Activating Scan2CAD

By default, Scan2CAD requires internet access to validate the free trial and licensed version.

We do, however offer an offline licensing solution for users who are in an environment in which internet connectivity is not possible. Offline licensing is on the Scan2CAD Business tier.

If you are having problems connecting to Scan2CAD’s server during activation, we suggest working through these troubleshooting steps:

1. Check your internet connection

Are you connected to the internet?  The easiest way to test your internet connection is by loading a webpage with your browser. If this works you’re probably connected.

2. Check your anti-virus software settings

It is common for anti-virus software to block connections made by applications. You will need to check the settings of your anti-virus software to allow connections made by the Scan2CAD software.

3. Check your firewall settings

Ensure that your firewall settings are not blocking the Scan2CAD application.

Scan2CAD uses HTTPS calls to connect to the server, you should ensure that HTTPS calls by Scan2CAD are not being blocked.

If you can add exceptions to your settings, please ensure that HTTPS connections to are allowed. You should also ensure that connections from Scan2CAD.exe (or on MacOS) are allowed.

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