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Which version of Scan2CAD are you using?

If you have downloaded the Scan2CAD free trial from July 17th 2018 onwards, you are probably using Scan2CAD v10 or above.

Scan2CAD v10 looks very different to our previous versions so we have different learning resources depending on which version you’re running.

What do the different versions look like?

As you can see below, the difference between the two versions are quite obvious.

Scan2CAD v9 welcome screen

Scan2CAD v9 welcome screen

Scan2CAD v10 welcome screen

Scan2CAD v10 welcome screen

What learning resources are available for these versions?

 We are prioritising our new range of video tutorials for new users of v10. We have found video tutorials are the fastest and most convenient way to learn Scan2CAD. We will create further learning resources thereafter.

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