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Why does my application say ‘licensed for 1 PC only’?

This article relates to Scan2CAD v9 and below.

You can see how many PCs your application is licensed to by clicking ‘Help’ > ‘About Scan2CAD’ in the application.

You will see a dialogue like the below example.

Viewing license information in Scan2CAD

The above image is taken from a network license. You’ll see that in the area highlighted in red this application is licensed for 1 PC only.

Scan2CAD offers flexible license options. The network license and usb license allow you to run Scan2CAD on as many PC’s as you wish with just a single license.

So why would Scan2CAD tell you that the application is licensed for 1 PC only?

The key definition to make is the application is telling you  on how many PCs you can run this specific license concurrently. (i.e. the number of PCs that can run this license at the same time.)

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