Best Free DWG Viewers: 7 Free Apps To Download Now

Updated Feb 14, 2023
7 free DWG viewers

AutoCAD is one of the most widely used CAD applications around and AutoCAD files are everywhere from design to engineering including electrical engineering drawings. However, although AutoCAD is that versatile, it has a very high annual subscription fee thus the need for free Free DWG Viewers in case one only needs to view a DWG CAD file without having to do much.

If all you want to do is to view, modify, or even annotate DWG drawing files that are originally made using AutoCAD, you do not have to buy the costly AutoCAD application. There are lots of free DWG Viewers that you can download from the internet. Additionally, if you want to edit DWG drawings without having to purchase or subscribe to costly CAD applications, there are also lots of free DWG editors that you can download from the internet.

And amazingly some of these free DWG viewer apps are made by Autodesk, which is the same company that develops AutoCAD.

DWG File Format

DWG, which stands for DraWinG, is the proprietary AutoCAD file format that contains all the metadata and geometrical data.

And due to its importance in design and engineering, DWG is supported by virtually all other third-party CAD programs. 

In this post, Scan2CAD has selected the 7 best free DWG viewers that you can freely download to view and modify DWG drawing files.

Table of Contents

      1. DWG TrueView (+Design Review)
      2. Bentley View
      3. LibreCAD
      4. DWGSee
      5. DWG FastView
      6. OnShape Free
      7. CAD Reader

7 best free DWG Viewers to download

1. DWG TrueView (+Design Review)

DWG TrueView

Figure 1. DWG TrueView (Source)

Developer: Autodesk

Latest Version: Autodesk DWG Trueview 2021

Operating System: Windows

Autodesk DWG TrueView is the official Autodesk application for viewing DWG files and it comes in two versions; the free version and the paid version. It was designed to enable CAD users to view, edit, and convert DWG files.

Design Review on the other hand is a DWG TrueView add-on that helps to extend the features of DWG TrueView to enable users to use it to measure lengths, areas, and angles. Also, with Design Review, DWG TrueView users can add comments, ideas, and other information required when communicating design changes.

DWG TrueView (+Design Review) Features and Functions

  • DWG TrueView is a free stand-alone DWG viewer.
  • Design Review add-on is also free.
  • It facilitates collaboration when sharing AutoCAD drawing files with other CAD applications.
  • By adding the Design Review, DWG TrueView users can accurately measure the distances, areas, and angles of DWG drawings.
  • By integrating DWG TrueView with Design Review, users can quickly and easily review and markup DWG drawings.
  • By using the DWG TrueConvert, users can convert drawing to other AutoCAD versions

Pros of DWG TrueView

  • Users can view DWG drawing files for free
  • Users can open DWG, DXF, DWF, and DWFx files
  • Allows users to measure distances, angles, and areas in DWG drawings
  • It is easy to use even for non-professionals
  • It offers useful tooltips guide to enhance the users’ experience
  • It is available for both 64-bit and 32-bit Operating Systems. 

Cons of DWG TrueView

  • It lacks editing features

2. Bentley View

Bentley View

Figure 2. Bentley View (Source)

Developer: Bentley

Latest Version: Bentley View V8i SELECTseries 4

Operating System: Windows

Bentley View is a product of Bentley, which is also the official Microstation developer, a free DXF viewer. It is rated as one of the most powerful free DWG file viewers developed by a third party.

And besides supporting DWG file formats, it also supports 50 other CAD file formats and BIM features. 

Bentley View Features and Functions

  • It is completely free to use.
  • It supports DWG file formats and 50 other CAD file formats including DXF.
  • It allows users to view 2D drawings and 3D models.
  • Allows users to verify distances and areas.
  • Users can also use it to print drawings to scale.

Pros of Bentley View

  • It allows users to view DWG drawing for free.
  • It supports 50 other CAD file formats thus saving users the need to download multiple CAD file viewers for different file formats.
  • Allows users to view 2D drawings and 3D models and also measure distances and areas.

Cons of Bentley View

  • It has a very limited capacity

3. LibreCAD


Figure 3. LibreCAD (Source

Developer: LibreCAD community

Latest Version: LibreCAD 2.2.0 RC 1

Operating System: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Besides being a free DWG viewer, LibreCAD is an open-source computer-aided design (CAD) software that CAD users can download for free rather than downloading costly CAD software like AutoCAD and the like. 

Its interface is similar to that of AutoCAD.

Besides DWG file format, you can also print your work in DXF and CXF file formats and export SVG, ICO, BMP, and PDF file formats among others when using LibreCAD.

Users can use LibreCAD to open 2D drawings and 3D CAD models.

LibreCAD Features and Functions

  • It is an Open-source CAD software.
  • Supports DWG, DXF, CXF, SVG, ICO, BMP, and PDF file formats.
  • Allows users to open and view both 2D drawings and 3D models.

Pros of LibreCAD

  • It is freely available.
  • It is lightweight with a file size of only 30MB.
  • Supports both 2D and 3D files.
  • It has an uncluttered interface.

Cons of LibreCAD

  • Users can only open existing DWG files but not draw and save new DWG drawings.

4. DWGSee

DWGSee DWG Viewer

Figure 4. DWGSee DWG Viewer (Source)


Latest Version: DWGSee 2020

Operating System: Windows, macOS, and Android

DWGSee is a light and fast DWG viewer that was developed by, which was founded in 2002. It provides users with a quick and simple way of looking at their technical drawings without having to purchase costly CAD applications like AutoCAD.

Besides DWG, DWGSee also supports other CAD file formats like DXF and DWF.

It comes in three versions; a free version, a standard version, and a pro version. However, the free version is sufficient for Viewing DWG files and verifying measurements by measuring lengths, angles, radius, and areas.

If you want to access the editing capabilities of the application, you will have to purchase the standard or Pro versions which have added functions for editing, converting, and comparing.

DWGSee Features and Functions

  • The free version of DWGSee DWG viewer supports AutoCAD .dwg .dxf .dwf files, version R14 to the latest 2020, and it can also open raster image formats (.bmp .jpg .png .gif .tif).
  • It allows users to save files as DWG or DXF. It has an inbuilt AutoDWG converter.
  • It allows users to measure lengths, angles, radius, and areas by just clicking.
  • Users can add markups to the DWG drawings.
  • It allows users to compare drawings by showing two versions of the same drawing in split windows.
  • It has a floating license that is great for a company with many workstations.

Pros of DWGSee

  • It has a free version with lots of features.
  • Allows the support of a wide range of other CAD files besides DWG files.
  • Allows users to verify measurements and areas.
  • The floating license allows it to be used on different workstations.

Cons of DWGSee

  • The free version does not support editing and requires to purchase of the Standard or Pro versions for them to edit a drawing

5. DWG FastView

DWG FastView for Windows

Figure 5.DWG FastView for Windows (Source)

Developer: Gstarcad

Latest Version: DWG FastView V4.5.1

Operating System: Windows

DWG FastView is a free DWG viewer that was developed by Gstarcad. 

Besides DWG files, DWG FastView also acts as a DXF viewer and it can be used for viewing 2D drawings and 3D models.

DWGSee Features and Functions

  • It is free.
  • It supports DWG and DXF file formats.
  • Has the ability to open multiple objects simultaneously by just dragging and dropping them into the interface.
  • Allows users to open and view 2d and 3D drawings.
  • Allows users to export files to a wide range of image formats including BMP, JPG, PNG, and other popular file types
  • Allows users to freeze, lock and unlock individual layers, and also zoom and pan as they explore individual details of the drawings.

Pros of DWG FastView

  • It is free.
  • It is easy to use. Users can open files by dragging and dropping them into the interface 
  • It has additional sophisticated CAD viewing tools.

Cons of DWG FastView

  • It has a very wide range of features and tools that may take time to learn.

6. OnShape Free

OnShape Free

Figure 6. OnShape Free (Source)

Developer: OnShape, which was acquired by PTC Inc. in 2019

Operating System: iOS, Android, Linux, OSX, Windows

OnShape is CAD software that is delivered over the internet through software as a service model thus making extensive use of cloud computing. It can be accessed through iOS, Android, Linux, OSX, and Windows-powered gadgets.

It comes in four versions Educational, Enterprise, Standard, and Professional. The educational version is the one that is also referred to as OnShape free.

Unlike other CAD applications, Onshape Free gives everyone on the team access to the same CAD workspace and same CAD data through a central place in a cloud.

OnShape Free Features and Functions

  • It is free.
  • Uses cloud computing.
  • Accessible to a wide range of gadgets.

Pros of OnShape Free

  • It is easy to use and can be accessed even on the go since it is accessed through the internet.

Cons of OnShape Free

  • One will require to subscribe to the Paid Onshape Versions (Enterprise, Standard, and Professional) to be able to create new CAD files or edit CAD FILES.

7. CAD Reader

CAD Reader

Figure 7. CAD Reader (Source)

Developer: Glodon Company Limited

Latest Version: CADReader V3.3.2.8

Operating System: Windows

CAD Reader is a CAD file viewer that allows you to view and mark DWG CAD drawings.

CAD Reader Features and Functions

  • Layer management.
  • Length and area measurement.
  • Coordinate and scale setting.
  • Allows users to add comments to drawings.
  • Users can search and find drawings on their computers.
  • Allow printing.
  • Export and import capabilities that allow drawings and comments can be a single file, and then sent to other devices and imported to original files.
  • Supports DWG and DXF file formats

Pros of CAD Reader

  • All the basic functions are free.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is fast and adaptive

Cons of CAD Reader

  • It has some VIP functions that require users to pay.


With any of the above-mentioned free Free DWG Viewers, you can open and view any DWG CAD file without having to dig deep into your pocket to subscribe to costly CAD software like AutoCAD for the purposes of just viewing CAD files.

Besides, some of the Free DWG Viewers mentioned in this article allow you to perform more tasks than just viewing. LibreCAD, for example, is an open-source computer-aided design (CAD) software that allows you to also perform some edits on both 2D drawings and 3D models.

The rest of the mentioned DWG viewers including DWGSee, Bentley View, DWG TrueView, and CAD Reader allow you to verify measurements by measuring lengths, angles, radius, and areas. Others like CAD Reader also allow users to add comments on the drawings.

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