How Much Does Fusion 360 Cost? | Pricing Explained

Updated Sep 30, 2021
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There are so many commercially available software packages today that it can be challenging to select which one is best for your application. Before choosing a CAD software, there are many factors which you must take into consideration. The two most important of these factors are cost and capability.

At Scan2CAD, we make your selection process much easier by creating comprehensive pricing articles on individual software. These articles cover software capabilities, license types, procurement methods, where to buy them, and, most importantly, their cost. In this article, we will be looking at Fusion 360, a popular software from software giants Autodesk.

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based, integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE software for product development and manufacturing. Design, manufacturing, and engineering are all united under a single package. This software is excellent for DFM (Design For Manufacture), as it ensures a smooth product development process.

The features of Fusion 360 can be classified as follows; 3D design and modeling, generative design, simulation, rapid prototyping, collaboration, documentation, and manufacturing.

When it comes to capability, there is no doubt that Fusion 360 is capable of getting the job done. However, the question of cost is far less straightforward. But do not despair. In this Fusion 360 pricing article, we will be covering the cost, license types, and discounts for the software.

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3D modeling in Fusion 360 (source)

Fusion 360 license options

Autodesk, makers of Fusion 360, stopped selling perpetual licenses for all their products, including Fusion 360, from 2016. This means that you can only access the software by subscription. Typically, Autodesk products have two subscription license types, single-user licenses which can only be used by one user at a time, and multi-user licenses, which can be used by several users at a time. However, because Fusion 360 is cloud-based, it is only offered as a single-user license. You can install the software on as many devices as you require, but you can only make use of one device at a time. To make use of the software on a particular device, all you need to do is log in to your Autodesk account through the device.

How and where to get Fusion 360

Fusion 360 can either be bought independently or as part of the product development and manufacturing (PD&M) collection. The PD&M collection has both single-user and multi-user license options. This collection not only has the advantage of being more cost-effective but also provides a way to use Fusion 360 on a multi-user license. If you buy a PD&M  collection multi-user license, you can install the collection on as many devices as required. However, the number of simultaneous users is limited to the number of seats you purchase. If you buy three seats for your multi-user license, you can assign the entire collection, including Fusion 360, to three users for simultaneous.

There are subscription term options for Fusion 360. They are one month, one year, and three years. Before the expiration date of your license, you will receive renewal notifications 90, 45, 30, and 4 days before the day. Licenses bought through the Autodesk store will automatically renew unless you disable auto-renewal in your Autodesk account.

You can buy single-user licenses for both Fusion 360 and the PD&M collection from the Autodesk store or an authorized reseller. For multi-user licenses for the PD&M collection, you have to contact Autodesk support, as such licenses are not available for purchase on Autodesk’s site. This is because preferences for multi-user licenses differ by customers. It’s therefore best to have a conversation with an agent about what your requirements are before you purchase these licenses.

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Fusion 360 products

There are two Fusion 360 variants available. They are Fusion 360 and Fusion 360 Team Participant. Fusion 360 is the complete CAD, CAM, and CAE package. It includes all data management and collaboration features. Fusion 360 Team Participant, on the other hand, only contains data management and collaboration features. This product allows additional users to share and view data without having to purchase the full Fusion 360 package.

Fusion 360 pricing

Now that we have gone through the software’s capabilities, type, and license options, we will now proceed to the main Fusion 360 pricing. As was stated earlier, prices for multi-user licenses differ. Hence, you need to contact Autodesk to know the price that comes with your requirements. The table below contains the prices of single-user Fusion 360 licenses. All prices were sourced from the Autodesk store and are in US dollars.


Prices per subscription term

One month 

One year

Three years

Fusion 360


$495 ($41.25/month)

$1,335 ($37.08/month)

Fusion 360 Team Participant


$125 ($10.42/month)

$340 ($9.44/month)


You can also purchase Fusion 360 through the heavily discounted PD&M collection. This collection contains Fusion 360, Inventor, Inventor Nastran, Autodesk Rendering, Inventor CAM, ReCap Pro, Vault, Naviworks Manage, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Factory Design Utilities, Autodesk Rendering, and Autodesk Drive. Prices of single-user licenses for the PD&M collection are shown in the table below.

Subscription period


One month


One year

$2,590 ($215.83/month)

Three years

$6995 ($194.31/month)


With this collection, you get to save an impressive amount of money on several advanced software. If sold individually, the major products in this collection cost at least $4,840/year for a single-user license. This means that you save at least $2,250/year with the PD&M collection.


Fusion 360 discounts

Apart from the discount available on the PD&M collection, there are quite many Fusion 360 discounts and freebies. Some of these are as follows.

20% off on trade-ins

Autodesk offers 20% off all subscriptions for Fusion 360 to owners of the discontinued perpetual licenses, who wish to switch to subscription.

Free trial

Autodesk also offers a free 30 days trial of Fusion 360 to intending users. During this period, you get to use the full features of Fusion 360 and are expected to decide whether or not the software suits you.

Free Fusion 360 Startup license

A Free Startup license Is available for small businesses and startups. To qualify as a startup, you must have no more than ten employees and should be generating less than $100,000 in gross revenue annually. To apply for this license, visit the Fusion 360 for startups page.

Free Fusion 360 license for personal use

There is also a free license for hobbyists, personal, and non-commercial users of Fusion 360. This license gives access to all the features of Fusion 360 for one year, except for team collaboration and data management, phone and email technical support, AnyCAD, AMD commercial translators.

Free Education license

Autodesk offers free student/education licenses for students, educators, and academic institutions. Qualifies parties can use Fusion 360 Education license for free for three years. This license is for educational purposes only and shall not be used for commercial, professional, and profit-generating purposes. Visit the Education license page for more information.

Alternatives to Fusion 360

Having gone through this Fusion 360 pricing and capabilities, if you feel it’s not suitable or if you simply wish to explore other software packages, check out our list of top 10 3D modeling CAD software.


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