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Converting to DXF

Scan2CAD offers you the ability to convert from raster, PDF, or DWG to DXF. Converting to DXF is a great way of ensuring that your images can be shared, viewed, and edited using a wide range of different CAD programs. This means that you’ll be able to work collaboratively on your designs, no matter what software your fellow designers use. With Scan2CAD, it’s easy to convert to DXF from one of a number of raster file types, as well as other vector formats. In this section, learn all about how to convert to DXF.
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Overview of DXF Conversion

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On this blog, we’ve previously discussed many different aspects of the DXF file format. This article is our first in a new section covering the ins and outs of DXF conversion. In this section, we’ll be discussing everything from how vectorization software works to…

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