13 Sites with Free Autodesk Inventor Models

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Inventor is a 3D mechanical design software, by Autodesk, for product design, design communication, simulation, visualization, and documentation. Its high-grade tools facilitate the creation of parts and assemblies designs ranging from simple to very complex.

It is not uncommon for beginners to find it difficult to navigate the program to create models. Also, beginners often need a sample model in the course of their learning for practice. Furthermore, professionals may find themselves on a tight schedule and without the time to start designing complex models from the scratch. It is also possible that a designer requires the CAD model of an existing product but may not want to design it from scratch.

Coming to the rescue in all these cases are websites where you can download fully designed Inventor models for use or to edit to your specifications. Most of these sites charge for their models, but would it not be nice to get some of such models for free. 

In this article, we would be reviewing 13 sites where you can find free Autodesk Inventor models for download. The models are in ipt part, iam assembly, and other native Inventor file formats. Note that this is not a ranking article, so we won’t be comparing or listing the sites in any particular order.

1. 3D CAD Browser

3D CAD Browser homepage

The first site on the list is 3D CAD browser. It has a very simple interface with over 21,400 models. Though most of the models are for sale, the site offers 800+ free models in different file formats such as .max, .fbx, .3ds, and most importantly, Inventor’s ipt and iam file formats. Registration with the website is mandatory and you also have to upload a design first before you can begin download. This helps grow the number of models available on the site. 

2. 3D Content Central

3D Content Central homepage

3D content central has a community of 2 million-plus members. The members can upload and download  2D and 3D model parts, blocks, assemblies, and macros models. The models in the site are either user-contributed or from suppliers. You can download 2D or 3D parts and assemblies seamlessly in different industry-standard CAD formats for CAD systems such as CATIA, Solidworks, DraftSite, Pro/Engineer, Solidedge, AutoCAD, and most importantly, Autodesk Inventor. 

Regarding the search features, you can either search for supplier components product name, description, and others or navigate the hundreds of model categories. Even if you don’t find the model you are looking for, you can request the model to be designed by the user community. You would need to register before downloading or requesting.

3. PapaCAD


PapaCAD is an impressive site but has an unappealing interface. This can be deceiving as the website provides detailed products such as 3D models, assemblies, and 2D drawings. All the models on this site are created by papaCAD’s team of experienced engineers and designers. There are both free and paid models. 

An interesting fact about the designs is that they were all created using Autodesk Inventor. You can download the models in ipt, iam, stp, and other file formats. The models are divided into 2D CAD drawings, 3D Inventor models, free CAD designs, and 3D CAD engineering designs. There is a search bar for easy location of models. 

4. TurboSquid

TurboSquid homepage

Turbosquid has 70,000+ models with over 20,000 of them being free. The website features 3D models, stock media, sound effects, and many others. The models are in various categories such as cars, furniture, landscape, architecture, animals, vehicles, and anatomy. They are available for download into different CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA, Inventor, and many other programs. 

The models are also divided into 3D models, free models, unity models, animated models, blender models, and others. It has a search bar and filter options to narrow down the search results. You are required to register first before downloading. 

5. GrabCAD

GrabCAD homepage

GrabCad is one of the biggest communities of CAD users for sharing and downloading models. Its 6 million members consist of engineers, manufacturers, and designers. The site offers tutorials, news, blog, design competitions, Grabcad applications, 3D printing services, and our main focus, free CAD models. GrabCAD has a vast library with millions of free CAD models of over 50 different CAD programs including Inventor. In the library, the models are arranged categorically under construction, educational, household, aerospace, components, medical, technology, and a lot more. Finding models is so easy as you can just input the name of the model you need, the file format, or the software you are inputting it into in the search bar.

6. CADblocks Free

CADblocksfree homepage

CADblock, as some other sites mentioned, has both paid and free models. The site features in its menu; store, forum, free 3D CAD models, free 2D CAD models, manufacturer CAD models, sell/upload models, membership, contact, and CGI services. The models are grouped into architecture, animals, electrical, mechanical, landscaping, sports, and other categories. You can find models in max, STEP, IGES, STL, and Inventor’s ipt and iam CAD formats. In CADblocks free, you don’t have to register to download the free models. Just visit the site and start downloading. 

7. CGtrader

CGTrader homepage

CGtrader is basically a virtual market place with over a million models, where you can buy and sell 3D models, find 3D modeling jobs, and get designers. In this site, you can also get free models for download including 1000+ Inventor models in ipt, iam, and idw file formats. The 3D models are arranged into architecture, interior, exterior, and others. To download any of the models, you have to create an account first with the website. CGTrader also has a search bar and various filter options to add precision to your search results. 

8. 3D Sky


3D Sky has a very plain look. It grants both free and paid models, modeling and rendering services. The site has a search bar and you can use the categories to filter down your search. The models are categorized into technology, furniture, lighting, plants, and other classes. You would find a lot of Inventor compatible models, alongside other modeling software. The models are further categorized in all, pro, om and free. To access these free models, you must have at least uploaded one model. After you’ve done that, you would be able to download 3 models per day. Registration is required. 

9. CADForum

CAD Forum homepage

CADForum offers a lot of helpful CAD services such as CAD discussions forum, tips and tricks in various CAD programs, downloads of CAD tools and applications, converters, CAD videos, weblinks, CAD shop, and the main reason why this site was mentioned, CAD/BIM block. CAD/BIM block is a library with over 40,000 models where you can upload or download free models in different file formats including Autodesk Inventor’s. There is even a special category for the download of Inventor ipt parts. A search bar is provided, together with the different categories of models. All models are available for unlimited downloads to only registered members, so you will need to register. 

10. 3D Export

3DExport homepage

3D export is a web platform for buying and selling 3D models. It features 3D printing services, a forum for CAD discussions, and different CAD tutorials. Asides all these, you can find over 2000+ models for free downloads in various file formats. The location of models is seamless as there is a tab where you can select from over 30 different file formats including Inventor’s ipt and iam file formats. You just have to select the Inventor format and view the various available models.

11. Part Community

Part Community homepage

Part community as the name implies is a community of CAD personnel and users with over 500,000 members. The manufacturers and suppliers are the majority members and are the ones that provide most of the models. The website features 3D CAD catalog; 3D share, users contributed models. Apart from the models, they offer news, PDF catalogs, sorta, contact, and community. Part community gives thousands of free models, including Autodesk Inventor models.  You have to be a registered member to access these models. The site also has a search bar for easier navigation.

12. CADNav

CADNav homepage

CADNav’s deceptively plain-looking user interface makes it very easy to navigate. This is especially useful as the site does not have a search bar. CADNav also offers free Vray materials, textures, and tools, in addition to over 4000 free 3D models. These CAD models are categorized in two ways, by file format and by model category. Categories include military, household, human & character, animals, architecture, industrial, and many more. On the other hand, 3D formats include different file formats of various CAD software.

13. Autodesk Online Gallery

Autodesk Online Gallery homepage

The last on our list is Autodesk’s online gallery. It is run by Inventor’s developers and owners, Autodesk. This is just like a platform where Autodesk community members come to share their models for either download or review. The website has thousands of free models for download.

To get started, you would have to create an account with Autodesk, then search for the models of choice using filters such as by industry, categories (AEC, electronics, entertainment), and used products. As soon as you click on download, you would be given various file formats to choose from including Inventor file formats. 

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