AutoCAD 2017 launched – New ways to share and create

Updated Jun 20, 2019
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Autodesk – developer of AutoCAD and other design tools – released the latest version of its flagship program earlier this month. Freeing users from the single workstation by offering mobile solutions and allowing them working on the same projects across connected devices, AutoCAD 2017 is being heralded for moving with the changes in the way we work, while still delivering invaluable design solutions.

Autocad 2017 launch

More Sharable

One of the most outstanding features of AutoCAD 2017 is the ability to share views of your drawings to the cloud, while protecting your DWG files. Once you’ve uploaded your designs to a secure cloud location, and you’re happy with the view displayed, you can share a link with collaborators which makes the view available for 30 days without the need to log in.

The new system both promotes cooperation in the development of designs, while at the same time providing designers with the knowledge that their work is safe and secure.

More Customizable

Although much of the fanfare surrounding the launch has been focused on the new design capabilities of the update, it shouldn’t be overlooked that the program itself has become much more user-centric in its layout, and much easier for users to customise to suit their own needs. Settings and templates can now be saved and accessed faster, so the program really does work for the user, rather than the other way round.

One clear example of this is the updates made to dialogue boxes. Firstly, as a rule, the dialogue boxes are bigger than in previous versions of AutoCAD, meaning they’re able to display more information than ever before, for instance larger preview panes in a file dialogue box. When you change the size of any given dialogue box, AutoCAD will remember the change and display it at that size in the future.

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