Autodesk Launches Industry Specific ‘Flavours’ of AutoCAD 2017

Updated Jun 24, 2019
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Last week we announced the full launch of AutoCAD 2017, and spoke at length about the customisation opportunities offered by Autodesk’s latest product. While spending time to customise design software to the way you work will always pay off in the long run, wouldn’t it be great to download an AutoCAD package that came ready tailored to the kinds of projects you’re working on?

AutoCAD Industry Flavours Logos

Well, Autodesk thought so, which is why this week saw the launch of AutoCAD 2017 Industry ‘Flavours’ – individually designed, ready customised versions of AutoCAD which are each put together with the need of a single design industry in mind. It’s not a new trend for Autodesk to release industry specific versions of its software, but this week’s roll out sees all major design industry able to benefit from all the cutting-edge features included in AutoCAD 2017.

The unique design demands of map design differ wildly from those encountered in mechanical, electrical or utility design, so it seems kind of illogical to think that one design setup could work across the board for each of them. This is why Autodesk has added handy features into each flavour, to meet the needs of each designer, so while AutoCAD Mechanical comes equipped with libraries of standards-based parts and tools which expedite the design process, AutoCAD Utility Design includes tools to better analyse and optimise network design.

While we still recommend setting aside some time to get to know AutoCAD 2017, and taking steps to customising it to your exact specifications, it might be that the exact AutoCAD set up you need for you projects already exists!

The best news is that you can still use Scan2CAD’s image conversion software for use in each and every one of the packages, meaning that you’re guaranteed the very best image results, whatever the ‘flavour’ of your work.

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