jbig2codec – A Library for Decoding JBIG2 Images

jbig2 image decoder - blue background with shapes

At Scan2CAD, one of our largest ongoing tasks is to constantly support the ever-increasing raster and vector image formats that any user could come across.

PDF files are particularly troublesome because the ‘market’ is full fo thousands of different PDF encoding methods.

In 2017 we first began a new library to support the JBIG2 raster image format. This format is commonly used as a method of embedding raster images in PDF files. We named the library jbig2codec.

The best testimonial we can offer is that we have relied upon this library to decode JBIG2 images for all of Scan2CAD’s users for the past 4 years. 

Please contact us if you would like to purchase a license to use jbig2codec. We will be happy to welcome you and offer developer assistance if required.


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