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Updated Jul 18, 2017
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AVIA is proud to announce the acquisition of Scan2CAD.

After many successful years of marketing Scan2CAD, Softcover International Ltd passed the reigns to AVIA.
This has allowed AVIA to seize the opportunity to market, support, and drive an enhanced development program that will ensure that Scan2CAD remains a market leader in Raster (and PDF) to Vector conversion software.

George Kennedy, Head of Development at Scan2CAD said “I’m extremely pleased with AVIA’s decision to market Scan2CAD. It brings new energy to the progress of Scan2CAD, already a market leader”

AVIA has made a long term commitment to Scan2CAD and looks forward to establishing Scan2CAD as the prime product in its range for quality, affordability and excellence of support.

Customer support is a key requisite to the future success of Scan2CAD and AVIA welcomes old and new Scan2CAD customers alike to participate in driving their future vision for Scan2CAD.


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