Sunsetting Scan2CAD’s Legacy Licensing

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From April 01, 2021 we will drop support for a licensing method used by some legacy versions of Scan2CAD (v8 and V9 only). We wanted to explain why we think it’s best to drop support and how we will make the change as pain-free as possible if you’re still using a legacy version of the software.

This change does not affect any users who are running a current version of Scan2CAD (v10 and above).

Scan2CAD is native software that must be supported by your Windows and macOS Operating Systems. Since many years ago, Scan2CAD moved to a much-improved licensing system designed, tested and supported for modern Operating Systems. The licensing system supports all the common requirements of our users i.e. Standard licensing, Floating Network licensing, and Offline licensing.

It has become untenable to continue to support the licensing method used in very old versions of Scan2CAD because this third-party licensing system is not suitable for modern computing requirements. 

We want to make this transition as pain-free and as transparent as possible so here’s what we are doing:

  • We have contacted all registered users of Scan2CAD v8 & V9 to inform them of this transition. Giving users 6 months’ notice to prepare for the sunset.
  • All users with an active subscription can upgrade to the current version of Scan2CAD (v10 and above) at any time. All upgrades are included free in a subscription.
  • If users do not have an active subscription – Users who have a legacy license have been offered a 40% discount on their first-year renewal to reactivate their subscription. The renewal discount can be requested here.

If you do not choose to renew your subscription you can continue using your legacy Scan2CAD license.  Importantly, the legacy software will not suddenly stop working.

The sunsetting of the legacy license system means that you will not be able to deactivate or activate the license in new locations.

If you intend to continue running the legacy software after the sunset date without renewing your subscription we recommend the following:

  • Take a snapshot of your operating system so you can ‘roll back’ to a working version in-case you inadvertently upgrade something causing the legacy licensing to stop working.
  • Consider that operating system upgrades may not be compatible with the legacy licensing software – Scan2CAD v8 was developed over a decade ago it is not designed for operating systems released since then.
  • Ensure you have installed and activated the software in the location of your choice prior to the sunset date as you may not be able to move the legacy software to a new PC after that date.

If you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

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