Convert JPEG To Vector

Updated Apr 12, 2017
Convert JPEG Vector

Whether you want to manipulate a JPEG image into a vibrant website design or logo, or you simply prefer working with multiple layers, you will need a good converter. A special program is available that can easily convert JPEG to Vector for you so you can avoid the manual hassle. Scan2CAD is a Windows-supported program that has a wealth of leading features at your disposal. Some of the most amazing features of the software are as follows:

Multiple File Conversion

Scan2CAD supports a multitude of file types such as BMP, PDF, JPEG, JPEG2K, TIFF, GIFF and more. In fact, the program supports over 18 file types. Additionally, the program comes with a free eBook that will teach you how to convert JPEG to vector, and edit them to perfection.

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Advanced Cleaning and Editing Tools

Scan2CAD is much more than a JPEG to Vector converter. The program comes with advanced cleaning and editing tools. You will have the ability to cut, copy, move and paste sections. You can perform color segmentation and picture vectorization. Additionally, you can add a multitude of effects while you draw and erase things that you can do without.

Conversion to DXF

The DXF format is the most desired and cross-compatible file format available. The program allows you to convert to the DXF format in a flash. That way, your projects always have supreme flexibility.

Smart OCR

Scan2CAD comes with Smart OCR, which allows you to perform spell checks on your material. Additionally, you can teach the program to recognize brand new font styles.

Batch Processing

Scan2CAD is a time-friendly program. Instead of taking eons with one file at a time, you can program Scan2CAD to process thousands of files as one time. A project that normally would take you hours to do can be done in a few minutes with this amazing system.

Scan2CAD also has such features as PDF support, vector recognition, vector editing, printing abilities and more. As a designer or an artist, you simply cannot do without it.

The great part about Scan2CAD is that it is available to you right now for a 14-day free trial. Therefore, you can take a lengthy test drive of it before you complete your purchase. You have nothing to lose by trying this, but you do have plenty to gain. Download Scan2CAD now and convert JPEG to Vector in a heartbeat.

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