Common Problems Converting JPG to Vector

Updated Apr 14, 2017
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When attempting to convert JPG to a vector format, you should be aware of a few common problems. The JPG file type was developed specifically for digital cameras to store a large number of files on limited storage, and it’s this large file size that often causes problems.

Read on to find out the common issues you should avoid when you convert JPG to vector.

JPG images use lossy compression

When you save a JPG file, the quality of the image is reduced. Why? JPG uses “lossy compression” so when you save an image as JPG, some of the image detail is lost in order to make the saved file as small as possible.

JPG Images can be distorted

The general of thumb with JPG files is quality is weighed against file size. As JPGs were designed to be as small as possible (they were designed for digital cameras’ limited memory) they can become pixelated or grainy.

convert jpg to vector

The wide view of the drawing (JPG format)

convert jpg to vector

Zoomed in, you can see the distorted lines caused by JPG’s compression

Get it right at the source

JPG files usually require extra raster cleaning steps before they can be vectorized. However, saving an image as JPG will damage it. This cannot be undone by then converting the JPG image to a high quality file format like TIFF. You will need to rescan the whole drawing again. Getting the process right to begin with will help you avoid having to do this.

 Larger files are typically fine

As I previously wrote, JPG files were designed to be as small as possible without dramatically affecting the image. But with modern day computer storage, limiting your image’s file-size has has become a moot subject. It’s best to try and use lossless file types where possible such as BMP, TIF or PNG. Lossless files such as these will be larger in size when compared to JPG, but will typically give you better results when converting your raster file to vector.

Learn more about converting JPG to DWG. Alternatively, visit our ultimate guide for everything you need to know about JPG to DXF conversion.


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