3 Ways To Optimize Your Time

Updated Sep 12, 2017
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OK, I admit it. I’m a coffee fan.

Rather than stay in-front of your computer screen, we want to make sure you have more time outside. Taking the dog for a walk or visiting that nice coffee shop around the corner from home (doesn’t that coffee look good?)

No, we mean it! So much so that we built Scan2CAD with optimizing your time in mind.

Here’s some ways you can speed up your work:

1. Convert all of your files in a few clicks

If you have a folder full of images to convert you should really give batch conversion a go. You can convert 100’s of files at once whilst you sit back and relax. Here’s a quick guide to batch conversion.

2. Create a script to do all the clever things

If you’re feeling especially geeky you can create a command-line script to run any series of tasks you like and perform the tasks on as many files as you like. Think of it as ‘batch conversion on caffeine’

There’s a few steps to this, so we recommend reading the how-to in the help menu of Scan2CAD. Click ‘Help’ > ‘Contents’ and search for ‘command line’

3. Teach Scan2CAD your custom font

This is a handy tip if you’re dealing with multiple files which all have the same (non-standard) font. You can train Scan2CAD to learn your custom font so you can use OCR (convert text in images to vector) on all of your files. Search for ‘font training’ in the help menu.

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