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Updated Jun 14, 2017
PDF to Vector

PDF files are one of the most popular types of files used to save images and other types of documents nowadays. There are different types of PDF files, though, including vector ones. Vector images are basically files that look as crisp and clear as any type of image file when you zoom into them. There are numerous benefits to converting PDF files to vector files.

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Some of the benefits of saving CAD information as PDF files include the following:

  • PDF files are free to view.
  • They are easy to share.
  • They are supported by numerous inexpensive, free readers.
  • Comments can be marked on them without affecting the original file.
  • They have flexible printing controls.
  • They are secure.
  • They contain intelligent vector CAD data.
  • They are small files ideal for emailing and other Web usage.

PDF files that have intelligent CAD information in them can have that information easily extracted from them with a DXF converter if you want to edit them in CAD. Scan2CAD is a program that you can download to assist you in converting PDFs to vectors. Scan2CAD allows you to convert your normal PDF files to DXF vector files, as well as from PDF to DWG. These formats offer you the crisp, clear resolution that you’re looking for. The program offers you a free 14-day trial during which you can become acquainted with the program and decide if it’s the right one for you. After the 14-day trial, to retain full access to all the features, you may choose to purchase the program.

This program comes with a variety of benefits. First of all, it’s user-friendly and offers you powerful conversion software that ensures accuracy during the conversion process. It also allows you to load, save and edit the vector files with ease. Part of what many users find so advantageous about this program is that it is more than simply a PDF to vector converter. It allows you to design and edit the images too. Therefore, it’s a converter and editor all in one simple and easy to use software package.

No matter what type of PDF to vector program you use to convert your PDF files to vectors, there are a variety of benefits to doing so. Vector files allow viewers to view your images in the clear, crisp form that you intended your images to be viewed in. They enhance your PDF images to make them more aesthetically-pleasing.

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