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Freelance CAD Jobs – 13 Sites For Finding Freelance Work

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With the high demand for professional CAD users and design engineers, freelance job opportunities in the CAD industry are never few and far between. While some designers double as freelancers and part-time workers, others make a living solely from freelance CAD jobs

Freelancing is a fast-rising job trend in several industries and the CAD industry is no exception. Most companies that require CAD services now post jobs online, preferring the hiring of freelance CAD designers or engineers, to traditional hiring. If you intentionally clicked on this article, chances are you are a CAD designer or CAD engineer, looking to find freelance CAD jobs. 

In a world where freelancing is rapidly becoming the norm, you’d expect there to be numerous freelance sites. And of course, there are over 200 freelance sites all over the internet. However, most of these freelance sites are guilty of lacking freelance CAD jobs. But not to worry, there are quite a number of sites offering freelance CAD jobs. This article features 13 freelance sites where you can find freelance CAD jobs. 

Bear in mind that freelance sites offering freelance CAD jobs are more than the 13 we will cover in this article. However, following intensive research, we at Scan2CAD have come up with this list of trusted sites with easy to navigate interfaces and support services. Note that this article is for informative purposes, and as such, we will not be comparing the services of these sites. Also, the list is in no particular order. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1). Upwork

Upwork homepage

Upwork homepage

Although this list is in no particular other, I’ll like to start with the site I consider the most competitive. Driven by the sole mission to create economic opportunities for talent, Upwork has always been one of the leading freelance sites on the internet. President and CEO Hayden Brown, the face of Upwork, is responsible for its overall success.

Upwork offers a host of freelance opportunities to freelancers, including freelance CAD jobs. To put the cherry on top, it also has a very friendly user interface and is easy to navigate. On the Upwork homepage, after signing in, you can find the Find work, My jobs, Report, Messages, and Notification sections on the top of the page. 

If you don’t already own an Upwork freelancer account, all you have to do is sign up and fill in the necessary details. To make job searching easier, Upwork provides you options to select your skills in the signup process. Hence, making your Job feed contains only Jobs related to the skills you select. For example, if you select CAD design or CAD engineer in the skill section, only freelance CAD jobs will appear on your feed. 

To make bidding for Jobs even more comfortable, there is a search bar at the top of the page with the option to filter your search results. You only need to click on a job you are interested in and submit a proposal, according to the client’s specifications and wait to get hired. 

2). Cloudpeeps

Cloudpeeps homepage

Cloudpeeps homepage

Cloudpeeps is an online freelancing site that was founded by Kate Kendall, its current CEO, in the year 2015. Like most freelance sites, Cloudpeeps provides a platform for businesses and companies to find professionals looking for freelance opportunities. Freelancers can set payment preferences depending on the job type, that is (hourly, fixed, or one-time). 

Additionally, Cloudpeeps welcomes you with a very simple and easy to understand user interface. However, freelancing opportunities are not available to all countries. To be eligible to work as a freelancer on this site, you must be operating out of a country where Cloudpeeps currently serves. 

Cloudpeeps offer a variety of freelance jobs with our main focus being freelance CAD jobs. Here, you can work as a freelance CAD designer, engineer, drafter, and others. To be able to use this platform, all you need to do is click on the signup button on the homepage, fill out the forms and complete your profile. Note that to view and apply for jobs on Cloudpeeps, you need to subscribe to a plan.    

3). Cadcrowd

CADCrowd homepage

CADCrowd homepage

Cadcrowd is a unique freelance website. Unlike other sites on our list, this site operates strictly on freelance CAD jobs. Cadcrowd welcomes you with a beautiful landing page that speaks fully of freelance CAD jobs. Here, you can find work as a CAD designer, engineer, and drafter as it says boldly on its homepage.

Another unique feature Cadcrowd offers is its qualification credentials. Unlike other freelance sites where freelancers need to upload credentials, Cadcrowd qualifies its CAD designers and engineers through CAD contests. These contests are options for companies or businesses to find the best CAD personnel for their jobs. In this case, the company creates a contest and freelancers enter into the contest by sending their designs. The company picks the designer they feel suits what they need. Cadcrowd also has a ranking system for its designers based on these contests. The more contests you win, the higher your rank on the site.

4). Freelancer

Freelancer homepage

Freelancer homepage

This is one of the largest freelance networks. It prides itself as a place where companies and businesses can hire labor easier and cheaper. Like most freelance sites, Freelancer offers a large variety of freelance jobs. However, our main concern is its proficiency in freelance CAD jobs, with this site housing quite a number of those. 

As long as you have the necessary skills of a CAD designer, engineer, or drafter, you are eligible to work on this platform. You only need to click on the signup button on the Freelancer homepage, fill the necessary forms, and you’re good to go. To search for a job, click on the browse projects button on your dashboard and it will direct you to the projects page. Here, you can select jobs according to your preselected skills. 

5). Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour homepage

Peopleperhour homepage

The next site on this list is Peopleperhour. Similar to Freelancer, it is one of the largest freelance networks. And like most freelance sites on this list, Peopleperhour offers freelance CAD jobs together with other freelance programs. 


Here, you can offer your CAD services and earn money without any cost. To work on this platform, you need to sign up, which is a very straightforward process. Click on the signup button on the top right corner of the Peopleperhour homepage, fill in your details and create a profile to start applying for jobs. To make your search for jobs easier, this site features a search bar on the projects page. Enter CAD as the search query and select jobs that match your skills. 

6). Guru

Guru homepage

Guru homepage

According to the its About page, Guru’s mission is to bring freelancers and employers across the globe together in a single platform. 

With its large freelancer base, Guru, to a very large extent has achieved its mission.

Like most websites on this list, and in addition to freelance CAD jobs, Guru offers a host of other freelance opportunities, ranging from writing to web designing. Guru operates in a manner that allows freelancers to directly interact with clients or companies looking to higher them, making the process of applying for jobs on this platform quite easy. 

To search for jobs, click on the Find work option on the top of the dashboard page, there, you’ll find jobs that match your skills. Companies or clients then compare quotes between freelancers and hire the best freelancer. 

7). SimplyHired



With over 3 million employers trusting SimplyHired for the best freelancers, it is fair to say, SimplyHired is the best site to “simply get hired”. This site offers numerous freelance opportunities, including freelance CAD jobs. What we like most about this site are its user interface and structure. Its structure allows for easy understanding and navigation of the site, thus, offering great user experience for freelancers and employers alike. 

Signing up is easy. All you need to do is click on the sign-in button at the top right corner of the page. Select the “Job Seeker” option. Lastly, upload your resume and fill the necessary forms, and you’re ready to begin applying for jobs. To make a job search easier, this site features a search bar. Enter CAD jobs or freelance CAD jobs as your search query and select the job that interests you. 

8). Aquent

Aquent homepage

Aquent homepage

Aquent welcomes you with a very beautiful, yet simple landing page. And like most freelance sites on this list, Aquent offers a variety of freelance jobs, including freelance CAD jobs. However only freelancers based in the US are eligible to work on this platform.


The method of job posting on this site is what makes it different. Here, companies and businesses post job openings. The jobs are, however, not categorized but arranged based on what is available. You can make use of the search bar, on the top of the “Find Work” page to easily find your freelance CAD jobs. 

9). Nexxt

Nexxt homepage

Nexxt homepage

 Nexxt , the next site on our list has 25 million professional freelancers. Like most sites on this list, it offers a host of freelance opportunities, including freelance CAD. Here, companies and businesses post jobs with links to their site. Clicking on a job on this site will direct you to the company’s or clients’ site. 


Signing up for this site is pretty basic. Click on the Sign-up button on the top right corner of the page and fill the necessary forms, and you’re ready to start applying for jobs. To make job search easier, this site features a search bar and a location bar, this way you can search for jobs in specific locations.  

10). Hireable

Hireable homepage

Hireable homepage

Hireable follows the same concept as most sites on this list. You sign up and you’re ready to start applying for jobs as a freelancer. The signup button on this page is very evident in the top right corner. You’ll need to confirm your email to activate your account. 


Everything else is basic and self-explanatory on the site. There are several job postings from various industries.

11). Flexjobs

Flexjobs homepage

Flexjobs homepage

Flexjobs was founded by Sarah Sutton, in a bid to create flexible jobs, which was what she was looking for at the time. Flexjobs follows the same concept with most freelance sites on this list. Y sign up, fill necessary forms and you’re good to go. But what makes this site unique is its interactiveness. Flexjobs interact with its users using timed-pop-ups, and other means. For example, a pop-up to help you personalize your job search, not to mention the numerous success stories on its homepage.  


However, the job search and application is very straightforward. 

12). Indeed

Indeed homepage

Indeed homepage

The next site on this list is Indeed. It follows the same concept as Flexjobs. However, on the find work page, you need to use the search bar to find jobs. Input a keyword related to freelance CAD jobs, and you will find numerous search results to pick from.


Like most sites on this list, Indeed offers a variety of freelance jobs including freelance CAD jobs. Job Search and application is simple and straightforward. 

13). Fiverr

Fiverr homepage

Fiverr homepage

Fiverr is the last site on our list. It is famous for completing jobs at a cheap and flat rate. In fact, it started up as a site where you could get any freelance service for $5. Unlike other freelance sites, you don’t apply for jobs, you set up gigs for clients and companies find you. 


The only disadvantage of this site is the fact that communication outside of the platform is prohibited, which inhibits the completion of projects, especially large or complex projects. Other than that, this site is simple to understand and a great platform for freelancers looking for freelance CAD jobs. 


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