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Converting to DWG

Thanks to its status as the native file format for AutoCAD, DWG has become the most ubiquitous CAD format on the market. Converting your raster image or PDF file to DWG opens you up to a vast world of CAD users—and with DWG now being supported by a number of programs, it has uses far beyond AutoCAD. Discover useful tips on how to convert to DWG from a wide range of different file formats—plus advice on how to optimize your raster images in order to get the best possible results.
Raster architectural image converted to vector cad

How to Convert BMP to DWG

Raster architectural image converted to vector cad

You’re likely familiar with the BMP format, which was developed by Microsoft to serve as the native image format for Windows. It’s also handy for storing 2D images, and many common image editors support the format. If you’re looking to use…

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