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Scan2CAD converts your images and PDFs to DXF, DWG and G-code

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Used by CNC studios and global manufacturing companies

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Convert images for CNC

Cut-friendly conversions

Convert your images and PDFs to DXF and G-code for all common CNC machines.

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    CNC Artwork
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    Gaskets & Tools
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    All CNC imagery
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Optimized cutting paths

Smooth curves

Scan2CAD automatically converts with best-CNC-practices in mind. Fewer vector nodes means cleaner cuts.

Reduce waste

With conversions optimized for CNC cutting and pocketing, you will reduce material waste.

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The all-in-one conversion software

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Pocketing & Outlines

Create pocketing or outlines of your images.

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Layers supported

Layers in your PDF, DWG, DXF files will be maintained.

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Instant conversions

Choose your conversion settings and convert in seconds.

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Accurate scaling

Ensure your converted DXF and G-code are perfectly to-scale.

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Compatible with all CNC machines & software

Convert to DXF and G-code

Accurately convert images and PDFs to DXF and G-code, compatible with your CNC machine and software.

No plugins required

Scan2CAD is a stand-alone software application. You do not require any other CAD software to use it.

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Save time and budget

Stop wasting time and budgets manually redrawing designs for cutting or outsourcing conversions. Scan2CAD also helps reduce material waste with optimised cut-friendly conversions.

Used by the world’s best design and engineering companies

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