Installing a Standard License

You will need your license product key and license key.

If you have already purchased your license, these details will be in your Scan2CAD account.

If you do not have a license you can purchase a Scan2CAD subscription.

You will need the Scan2CAD app (which is the same as the free trial app.) If you haven’t already downloaded the app it is available in your Scan2CAD Account.


  1. Launch the Scan2CAD app.
  2. On the welcome screen of the free trial, click the button labeled ‘Enter license’
  3. Complete the registration form to activate your license.

Good to know:

  • If you are installing on Windows, we recommend installing whilst running as Windows Administrator. If you are not the administrator, try right-clicking the Scan2CAD.exe and choosing ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • By default, Scan2CAD requires an internet connection to activate and maintain your license. If you are in an environment that cannot connect to the internet you can use an Offline License (available in the Scan2CAD Business tier.)
  • Scan2CAD supports connections to the internet through proxy servers.

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