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Convert your designs

Raster to vector conversion

Automatically convert your designs to vector, compatible with almost any CAD and CNC application. Using intelligent automatic tracing to convert your designs in a few clicks, saving you endless hours when compared to manually tracing a design.

30+ Supported Filetypes

Accurately convert all popular formats including raster & vector PDF files to CAD/CAM format.

AI Vector In beta
BMP Raster  
CAL Raster Type 1
CG4 Raster Type 1
CIT Raster Type 2
CNC Vector  
DWG Vector  Options to save in the following variations: R200 > 2002, R2004 > 2006, R2007 > 2010, R2010 < 2012 and R2013 < 2014.
DXF Vector  Options to save in the following variations: Pre R14 and R14 & later
EMF Raster  
GIF Raster  
GP4 Raster Type 1
HGL Vector  
HPGL Vector  
IMG Raster  
J2C Raster  
J2K Raster  
JP2 Raster  
JPE Raster  
JPEG Raster  
JPG Raster  
JPT Raster  
MIL Raster Type 1
NC Vector  
PCX Raster  
PDF Vector & Raster  
PLT Raster  
PNG Raster  
SVG Vector  
SVGZ Vector  
TAP Vector  
TIF Raster Options to save in the following variations: uncomp, pkbits, Gp3fax & GP4fax.
TIFF Raster GeoTiff supported
WMF Raster  

Granular Control

Take your conversions to the 'power user' level with granular control all conversion settings.

Supported by almost any CAD, CAM & CNC application

Over the past 20 years we've built Scan2CAD with compatibility at its core. Your converted vector designs will be supported in almost any CAD/CAM & CNC application.

Scale Vector Designs With Precision

Ensure your converted vector designs are perfectly scaled with Scan2CAD's flexible scaling options.

Object Recognition


The brilliance of Scan2CAD lies in its object recognition engine. With Scan2CAD's object recognition you don't have to settle for simple raster-to-vector conversions with all elements being represented by beziers or polylines. Scan2CAD's object Recognition defines converted objects as their respective vector element. Arcs in your images become vector arc entities. Dash-lines become vector dash-lines and so on...

Optical Character Recognition


With Scan2CAD's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) you can convert text in your images to editable vector text strings. Edit the text within Scan2CAD or any major CAD/CAM application such as AutoCAD and Solidworks.

Train Scan2CAD to learn custom fonts

If you have many images with a similar non-standard font you may choose to use Scan2CAD's OCR Training Set Builder. With your own training set you can teach Scan2CAD to recognize and convert non-standard text to editable vector text strings.

Raster Effects

Clean your designs for conversion

In order to achieve the best raster to vector conversion results, you may need to clean your raster image before converting. Scan2CAD offers a tool-set of automatic raster cleaning features called 'Raster Effects.'


Thresholding forces pixels in your image to either black or white. The Threshold Raster Effect is a simple yet powerful tool for fast image cleanup. In many cases a simple threshold can remove much of the noise in a poor quality image. Scan2CAD offers both Simple and Adaptive threshold options.

Color Segmentation

Much like thresholding, Scan2CAD's Color Segmentation is used to reduce the colors in your image. But unlink thresholding you can choose to keep as many or as few colors in the image as you wish. Color Segmentation will find adapt to find the nearest color in a defined palette for every pixel in your image.

Remove Speckles & Holes

Speckles can be described as small, unwanted clusters of pixels on your image. These speckles are usually present in low quality images or scanned paper. Scan2CAD will automatically search through your image looking for speckles of a user-defined size and remove them all. Automatic speckle removal can save you hours when compared to manually erasing 'noisy' image areas.

Holes are unwanted clusters of pixels within lines or shapes. Holes can ruin the appearance of smooth lines and cause many issues when converting your designs. Luckily Scan2CAD's Hole Removal Raster Effect will automatically clean your image of holes in a few clicks.

Thicken Lines

If your designs contain lines which are broken and jagged then Scan2CAD's Thicken Lines Raster Effect could help bleed pixels within the line, forcing them to become smooth and connected. Unlike a simple pixel bleeding effect, Scan2CAD will specifically identify lines within your design to thicken and clean.


We know that no image is created equal. Therefore, over the past two decades we have invested into building out the most valuable set of raster effects to clean your designs for conversion.

Draw, Edit & Transform


With a full suite of raster editing tools, you can transform your images before (or after) converting them to vector. Whether you wish to draw, move, scale, erase or tweak your image you can do all this without having to leave Scan2CAD.


Scan2CAD's vector precision editing tools give you the power to draw, edit and transform your vector designs with simple yet powerful actions.

Within the design of our vector editing tools you will find small details which make a big difference. Such as options to orthogonally snap lines and the power to convert existing vector elements to other vector types.

Batch Conversion and Automation


Batch conversion is the perfect solution for those who have many images which all require the same Raster Effects and conversion settings. Simply define your settings, choose your input & output folders and set Scan2CAD's Batch Conversion off. Go grab a coffee and come back to a complete set of converted designs


Utilize Scan2CAD's Automation feature to control any feature of Scan2CAD with simple scripts, executed via Windows' Command Line. We love hearing about how our customers and technology partners are using Scan2CAD's automation feature to power their company's conversion needs.

Flexible Licensing Options

With 3 flexible license options (Standard, USB and Network) you can license Scan2CAD in a way that works for your business.

24/7 Support

Every Scan2CAD subscription includes 24/7 support and all future upgrades. See why we're proud of our fast and friendly 24/7 support. We keep support simple, there's no hoops to jump through, simply email us and you'll get a response usually within 2 hours.

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