Cake Toppers | Free DXF Files

The Cake Toppers DXF collection is available exclusively to Scan2CAD members, and may be used for personal or commercial projects.

Vintage Privacy Screens

Seven CNC-compatible Vintage Privacy Screens designs are contained in this new DXF collection, available for download and use at no charge.

Jigsaw Puzzles | Free DXF Files

The Jigsaw Puzzles DXF collection contains seven CNC-ready images of different kinds of puzzles to challenge the mind.

Kitchen Signs | Free DXF Files

This Kitchen Signs DXF collection was exclusively designed for Scan2CAD members. All images may be downloaded for free and used for personal or commercial projects.

Lions | Free DXF Files

The Lions download pack features seven images of this popular animal in various positions and perspectives. All contents are free.

Wall Panels – Free DXF Files

The Wall Panels DXF pack is this week’s free gift from Scan2CAD. All wall panel designs have been designed specifically for CNC purposes.

Modern Earrings | Free DXF Files

The Modern Earrings DXF download pack is a creation of Scan2CAD’s resident designer Jay Madison. All images are in CNC-ready format.

Farm Animals | Free DXF Files

The Farm Animals DXF collection features different images of common animals found in the farm, all ready for use in your projects.