Ancient Scrolls | Free DXF Files

Ancient scrolls foretold events and recorded history in years past. Now, add them to your CNC projects and make your creation more interesting.

Wild Horses | Free DXF Files

Various wild horse images are depicted in this free download pack. Excellent additions to your DXF collection. Download now!

Crazy For Cats | Free DXF Files

This Crazy For Cats download pack is an excellent addition to your persona and commercial projects. All image are royalty-free.

Hand Gestures | Free DXF Files

Our DXF download pack this week features 9 different hand symbols known all over the world, including thumbs-up, welcome, and OK. All images are royalty-free.

Prehistoric Dinosaurs | Free DXF Files

The free DXF download for this week has various dinosaur shapes, and can be used for your CNC projects. All images are provided 100% free.

Motorcycle Madness | Free DXF Files

This week’s free DXF download features various motorcycle shapes, as well as parts and tools. All images are provided absolutely free.

Birds | Free DXF Files

Are you an avid bird watcher, or just generally amazed by their beauty? This DXF pack features multiple bird designs and will be perfect for your design collection.

Nautical Discovery | Free DXF Files

Explore the wonders of the deep sea this week with this free download pack containing 7 nautical DXF files for your enjoyment.