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Update Released: 8.2.F

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For information on each update and details of how to download your update please visit the Scan2CAD version log.

Changes to Scan2CAD for Version 8.2.F

Problem with dual monitor displays resolved.

When Scan2CAD was displayed at full screen size on the second monitor, the Scan2CAD window was not drawn correctly with only partial details being displayed.

New PDF import option


New option to include/exclude PDF Text added to PDF Import options Menu:-

PDF > Import Options…

Scan2CAD by default will load all vector entities found in the PDF file.
Where text is provided in the PDF file for the purpose of utilising the Adobe Reader ‘Search’ option then it may not be required for loading as part of the vector image.
Setting Load PDF Text OFF (i.e. no tick) will result in no text being loaded from the PDF file.

PDF image import enhanced to deal with 16bpp Gray images:-

Scan2CAD did not previously handle 16 bits per pixel Gray scale images – now enhanced to do so.

New vector scaling option added to Menu:- Vector Edit > Scale…

The currently loaded vectors can be scaled in either/both of the X and Y directions.
If a raster file is currently loaded then the current image extents will not be changed and
therefore those vectors which have been scaled beyond the raster image extents will not be visible.
If no raster file is loaded then the image extents will be scaled by the new X and Y scale factors.

Problem with command line file directory names containing a dot resolved.

If a specified directory name contained a dot then the associated command would fail.

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