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Update Released: 8.3d

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For information on each update and details of how to download your update please visit the Scan2CAD version log.

Details of Update

1. SVG/SVGZ – two export options added.


1.1 Attach Raster Image (specify whether the currently loaded raster image is included in the exported SVG file)

1.2 Include Vector Line Widths (specify whether the current vector line widths are included in the exported SVG file)

Select added options from:-

File Menu > Vector  > SVG Export Options 


The above 2 options can also be selected from a Command line file by using the following commands:-



The SVGAttachRaster should precede the SaveVectorSVG command.

The SVGAttachRaster has 1 argument, 0 = exclude, 1 = include.

For example:



The SVGIncludeVectorLinewidths command should be used in the same manner as the SVGAttachRaster command.


2. Easier selection of raster/vector windows using mouse.


The selection of window extents that are near to the image edges has been made easier .

3. PDF fonts handling bug removed.


Scan2CAD attempts to map the various fonts encountered within a PDF file to an Arial type. This is not always possible and in some cases caused Scan2CAD to abort prematurely. Bug removed

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