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Renewing your subscription

Have a perpetual license? Renew your Scan2CAD subscription and save 40%

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Why Renew?

A subscription gives you acess to:

24/7 Support

Fast and friendly help from our support team. We’re available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Minor updates

Updates to your current version. Including performance improvements new features and updates for operating system compatibility.

Major upgrades

With an active subscription you also have access to all future major releases. You will always use the latest and greatest.

Our subscriptions have improved

We improved what is included in subscriptions.

Previously, your maintenance subscription gave you access to support and minor updates only for the version you purchased.

From early 2017, we extended our subscriptions to include support,
minor updates & major upgrades to our latest releases.

One subscription for everything

With our simplified subscriptions, you only require one active subscription for access to support, updates and all future releases. There are no separate upgrade costs and no hidden maintenance fees.

Pricing Options

If you have a Scan2CAD perpetual license,
you are eligible for a 40% discount off our standard pricing.


$575per user, per year
  • Standard price,
    without discount:
    $959 per user per year

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I purchase my renewal?

Please contact us to request the discount. We’ll respond within 24 hours with details on how to renew with your 40% discount. You can purchase securely with any major credit/debit card.

The 40% discount will be applied to your first year renewal. Subsequent renewals will be at the standard pricing.

Can you provide a formal quote or invoice?

Yes, we’ll be happy to provide a formal quote or invoice. Please let us know if you require this.

What happens if I do not renew?

Without an active subscription you will lose access to support, updates, downloads and upgrades. If you have a perpetual license, your license is yours, you will never be locked out of the software but we cannot guarantee that a legacy version of the software will always be compatible with your system.

We also cannot guarantee that you will be able to move a legacy software license to another PC. As this depends on legacy servers supporting this transfer request in the future.

How long will my subscription last?

Most users choose to renew their subscription annually. If you’d prefer to renew for multiple years at once, please let us know.