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Founded in 2007, Linksoft is a professional distributor and reseller in Taiwan and China.

As a professional software provider, Linksoft cooperates with global outstanding IT industries, reselling thousands of software includes Statistical Analysis, Development Program, Database Management, Network Security, Design and Edit software.

Linksoft cultivates its mature service along Commercial, Government, Academic and Home users, with more than 500,000 customers in Asia

Company nameLinksoft
Company Address6F.-10, No.351, Sec. 2,
Zhongshan Rd.,
Zhonghe Dist.,
New Taipei City,
23504, Taiwan
[email protected]
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Serves customers in Taiwan and China

PT Digital Asia Utama (Software Asli)

PT Digital Asia Utama is the original software specialist. The company offers a variety of products, services, and solutions related to database management, operating systems, antivirus and security needs, data and password recovery, image and video editing, office management, data backup, accounting, 3D and drawing, and more.

Company namePT Digital Asia Utama (Software Asli)
Company AddressRuko Sunrise Garden
Blok X No 1-4 Jl
Panjang, Kedoya, Jakarta 11520
Contact[email protected]
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CADPRO Systems Ltd

CADPRO Systems Ltd provides a wide range of design solutions and services for businesses in New Zealand. Their primary market consists of engineers, architects, manufacturers, and construction professionals.

CADPRO Systems Ltd has a versatile line of products and services geared towards improving workflow efficiency, reducing costs, minimizing time, enhancing processes, and quality improvement for businesses in the manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, and process engineering fields.

Company NameCADPRO Systems Ltd
Company AddressAuckland
Harbour Side Business Park
527b Rosebank Road, Level 1
Avondale, Auckland 1026

162 Kendal Avenue, Unit 3
Christchurch 8053
+64 (0)9 302 4028

+64 (0)3 366 7021

[email protected]
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Serves customers in New Zealand

A&C International Trading

A&C International Trading Service Company Limited is a verified reseller of Scan2CAD based in Vietnam.

Company NameA&C International Trading
Company Address7th Floor, Zen Tower, 12 Khuat Duy Tien Street, Thanh Xuan Trung Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam Zip code: 10000
Contact+84 83 994 5259
[email protected]
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Suchart Infosol PVT Limited

Suchart offers consulting & distribution of software, embedded electronic components, integrated instruments, and development boards with software tools. They are also system integrators, software & embedded components integrators and a networking solutions provider.

Suchart partners with the world’s leading product companies that are highly recommended by electronic, computer, networking and automation engineers, and researchers from universities as well as small, medium, and large organizations.

Suchart aims to support India and the world small startups and large companies through the use of the best tools to manufacture quality products and help their customers to serve better.

Company NameSuchart Infosol PVT Limited
Company Address## 73 , 32/3 Virgo Nagar Post,
Cheemasandra village,
India -560049
Contact[email protected]
+91 9611281683
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Multi Cakra Pratama

Multi Cakra Pratama is a leading software and IT solutions provider in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company offers the best products and services essential to today’s businesses, including software programs (Autodesk, Microsoft Windows and Office, Kaspersky Antivirus, Sketchup, and more), hardware (PCs, desktop computers, laptops, servers, workstations, storage and backup, printers, scanners, etc.), services and implementation (including server setup and configuration, software installation, and virtualization implentation).

Company NameMulti Cakra Pratama
Company AddressSouth Quarter Tower A 18th floor
Jln. RA Kartini Kav. 8 Cilandak Barat
Jakarta Selatan 12430
Contact+62 21 8066 9614
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