90 Degrees Anti-Clockwise

At times you may need to edit or revise the image you are working on by rotating it in an anti-clockwise direction. This task is very easy to do within Scan2CAD. You can perform this task for both the raster and vector image as shown below.

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Before After


Rotate by 90 Degrees in an Anti-Clockwise direction.


For a Raster image – Select Raster Effects Menu > Rotate > 90 Degrees Anti-Clockwise

For a Vector image – Select Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Rotate > 90 Degrees Anti-Clockwise

If you have both a Raster and Vector image loaded and you propose to rotate each then rotate the Vector image before the Raster image.


Undo does not affect Rotate by 90 Degrees Anti-Clockwise. The best way to undo Rotate by 90 Degrees Anti-Clockwise is to rotate the image again using Rotate by 90 Degrees Clockwise or reload the original image.


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