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90 Degrees Clockwise

There may be a need to edit or revise the image you are working on by rotating it in a 90-degree clockwise direction. This task is very simple to do within Scan2CAD. You can perform this simple task for both the raster and vector image as shown below.

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Before After


Rotate by 90 Degrees in a Clockwise direction.


For a Raster image – Select Raster Effects Menu > Rotate > 90 Degrees Clockwise

For a Vector image – Select Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Rotate > 90 Degrees Clockwise

If you have both a Raster and Vector image loaded and you propose to rotate each then rotate the Vector image before the Raster image.


Undo does not affect Rotate by 90 Degrees Clockwise. The best way to undo Rotate by 90 Degrees Clockwise is to rotate the image again using Rotate by 90 Degrees Anti-Clockwise or reload the original image.


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