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Character Rotation


See Also: OCR settings


What Character Rotation does

Text can become very confusing when viewed from different orientations. For example, a q is a b when looked at upside-down. Character Rotation ensures that text is recognized the right way up.


If the text on the raster image is all at the same orientation

If the text on the raster image is all at the same orientation, set Character Rotation to match that orientation.


If the text on the raster image is at different orientations

If the text on the raster image is at different orientations, you can do either of the following:

Set Character Rotation to Auto. Scan2CAD will attempt to judge the orientation of each piece of text but some text may be recognized the wrong way up. Scan2CAD is also more likely to recognize non-text parts of the image as text if Character Rotation is set to Auto.
Convert differently oriented text using different Character Rotations, as follows:
1. Select an area of text at one orientation.
2. Set Character Rotation to that orientation.
3. Use Run Menu > OCR () to convert the text.
4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 until all the text has been converted.
5. Convert the non-text parts of the drawing using Run Menu > Vectorization ().


Please note that where text at one orientation is very close to text at another orientation as in the example below, the text is virtually impossible to convert successfully.


Set Character Rotation

Set Character Rotation using the following short-cut keys:

F1 sets Character Rotation to 0 degrees.
F2 sets Character Rotation to 90 degrees.
F3 sets Character Rotation to 180 degrees.
F4 sets Character Rotation to 270 degrees.


You can also set Character Rotation in the OCR Settings dialog, which appears when you select OCR Menu >  Settings.


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