⛔️ This article is for a legacy version of Scan2CAD. See our updated tutorials. ⛔️


Close the raster image

About closing a raster image

If you wish to open a new raster image, you must first close your current raster image.

(If your goal is to combine multiple images within the same canvas you can paste raster images without closing your current raster image.)

When closing a raster image which has been edited since your last save, Scan2CAD will ask you if you wish to save your changes.

How to close the raster image

To close the raster image only, select File Menu > Raster > Close.

How to close both raster and vector images

If you have both raster and vector images loaded you can close both in a single command.

To close both the raster and vector images, select File Menu > Close All.


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