Convert an arc to a line

An arc is a geometric shape that is characterized by its semicircle or curved shape. Specifically, the arc is a part of the circumference of a circle, hence its curved shape. Even if it is curved, however, the arc can be converted to a line.

Before After


1. Click or select Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Arc to Line.
2. Click on the arc to convert, making sure it is within the Grab Snap Distance.

If View Vector Ghosts is selected the original arc is shown as a gray “ghost”.


Click to undo.


Problems? See Troubleshooting vector editing, Technical support


If a Pick Color is selected you can only convert arcs that are the same color as the Pick Color.
Arc to Line does not convert arcs that are parts of polylines. To convert an arc that is part of a polyline to a line you must first explode the polyline using Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Un-Make Polylines.


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