Convert a line to a Bezier

A Bezier curve is characterized by four points, namely the start and end points (or anchors), and the middle points or handles. Within Scan2CAD, you can change a straight line to a Bezier curve by doing these steps:


Before After


1. Click or select Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Line to Bezier.
2. Click on the line to convert, making sure it is within the Grab Snap Distance.


Click to undo.


Problems? See Troubleshooting vector editing, Technical support


If a Pick Color is selected you can only convert lines that are the same color as the Pick Color.
Line to Bezier does not convert lines that are parts of polylines or polygons. To convert a line that is part of a polyline or polygon to a Bezier curve you must first explode the polyline  or polygon using Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Un-Make Polylines.        

Line to Bezier does not convert arrow lines, dash lines, dash dot lines or hatch lines. To convert an arrow line, dash line or dash dot line to a Bezier curve, turn it into a continuous line type first using Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Line to Alternative Line ().


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