Draw a vector polyline


1. If they are not already selected, select the following icons:

2. If no Pick Color is selected, Scan2CAD will draw the polyline in black.

If you want to draw in any other color, select a Pick Color.

3. Choose a line width using Vector Edit Menu > Pen Type > Pen Width.
4. If you want to draw the polyline using a grid, set a Grid Snap Distance.
5. If you want to draw the polyline using snaps, make sure that the End Point Snap and/or Between Ends Snap are turned on.
6. Click at the first point of the polyline.
7. Click at the next point of the polyline. A dash line joins the two points.
To undo it, right click and select Undo Last Segment.
To cancel the polyline completely, right click and select Quit.
8. Repeat Step 7 until you have drawn all the points in the polyline:

9. Right click.

 To end the polyline at the last point you entered, select Complete Polyline from the menu.

 To close the polyline, select Close Polyline from the menu.

Scan2CAD automatically closes the polyline.


Click to undo.


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