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Draw an irregular raster polygon


1. If they are not already selected, select the following icons:

2. If no Pick Color is selected, Scan2CAD will draw on the raster image in black.

If you want to draw in any other color, select a Pick Color.

3. Choose a pen size using Raster Edit Menu > Pen Type > Pen Width.
4. By default, the polygon will be solid filled.

To draw a polygon outline, press Shift+S or deselect Raster Edit Menu > Pen Type > Solid Fill.

5. Click at the first point of the polygon.
6. Click at the next point of the polygon. A dash line joins the two points.
To undo it, right click and select Undo Last Segment.
To cancel the polygon completely, right click and select Quit.
7. Repeat Step 6 until you have drawn all the points in the polygon:

8. Right click and select Close Polygon.

Scan2CAD automatically closes the polygon.


Click to undo.


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