Draw a horizontal or vertical raster line

About drawing a horizontal or vertical line in a raster image

When you wish to draw a horizontal you may use the ‘draw line ortho’ tool which will snap your lines to their horizontal or vertical axis.

This tool is extremely useful if you have drawings which should be orthogonal such as architectural drawings or schematics.

How to draw a horizontal or vertical line in a raster image

1. If they are not already selected, select the following icons:

2. If no Pick Color is selected, Scan2CAD will draw on the raster image in black.

If you want to draw in any other color, select a Pick Color.

3. Choose a pen size using Raster Edit Menu > Pen Type > Pen Width.
4. Position the cursor at the line’s start point. Press down your left mouse button. Holding down your left mouse button, move your mouse. As you move your mouse you will see the line being drawn. When you are satisfied with the line, raise your left mouse button.


Click to undo.


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