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Edit vector line type


1. Click or select Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Line to Alternative Line.
2. Right click. The line type dialog appears. Click on the line type you want to change to.
3. Click on the lines you want to change the line type of, making sure that the line you are clicking on is  within the Grab Snap Distance.

If you selected the Arrow1 or Arrow2 line type in Step 2, the arrow head will be drawn at the end of the line that you click on.


You can only change the line type of a continuous line, dash or dash dot line, arrow line or hatch line. You cannot change the line type of an arc, circle or Bezier curve.

To change the line type of a line that is part of a polyline or polygon you must first explode the polyline or polygon using Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Un-Make Polylines.


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