Line width


When you vectorize a raster image, all the vectors that are produced have a line width of zero. However:

When you load a vector PDF file, lines in the file may have a line width.
When you draw vector lines using Scan2CAD’s vector drawing tools you can assign a line width to them.


Display line widths

To display line widths on the screen, see View vector line widths.


Query a line width

1. Click or select Vector Edit Menu > Query Vector Type.
2. Pass your mouse over the vector.

The vector type and line width are displayed.


Set a line width

To set a line width before drawing a vector, select Vector Edit Menu > Pen Type > Pen Width.


Turn off line width export

Some CAD and CNC programs are unable to handle line widths.

To stop line width data from being saved to a DXF file, go to File Menu > Vector > DXF Export Options and deselect Include Line Widths.


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