Load a raster image


1. Click or select File Menu > Raster > Load.
2. Select the raster image you want to load from the dialog.
3. Click Open.

 If you have loaded a color or grayscale raster image, the Warning: Color Image dialog may appear. If it does, select an appropriate option and click OK.

 Multi-image TIF files        

 If a TIF file contains multiple images then the TIF File Multiple Images dialog appears. You are given the option to extract and load an individual image or extract and save all images as separate TIF files (which can later be separately loaded into Scan2CAD).

 If the option to extract an individual image is selected then the TIF Image Select dialog is presented with the first image displayed on the screen.

 To select the TIF image you want to load, click Next to select the next image. Click Last to select the previous image.

To jump to a known image in the TIF file, type the number of the image you want to jump to in the white page number box and then click Next.

 Select Load to load the required raster image.

The raster image is displayed on the screen and its name appears in the Title Bar. The image’s color depth is shown in brackets after its name.


You can also load raster images by:
Associating raster file extensions with Scan2CAD.
Starting up Scan2CAD then dragging a raster file from Windows Explorer into the open Scan2CAD window.


You can turn the Warning: Color Image dialog off by:
Selecting the Do not show this message again option on the dialog.
Deselecting File Menu > Raster > Options > Color Display Warning.

If you have turned the Warning: Color Image dialog off, you can reactivate it by selecting File Menu > Raster > Options > Color Display Warning.



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