Make all text the same height

 At times you may need to make all the text characters in your vectorized image the same height. You can easily do this to text characters within Scan2CAD.

1. If you want to make all the vector text on the image the same height make sure the whole image is displayed. You can display the whole image by clicking or pressing the Home key.

If you only want to unify the height of some of the text, choose the text you want to unify by windowing it or zooming into it.

2. Select OCR Menu > Unify String Heights.
3. A dialog appears.

Enter the height, in pixels, that you want the height of the text to be changed to.

Click OK.


You cannot undo Unify String Heights.


You can edit the height of individual text strings by editing the Height field in the Vector Text Edit dialog.
You cannot edit outlined text using this function.


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