Move text


1. If grab points are not displayed, press the G key to display them. Use View Menu > Grab Point Size to make the grab points bigger or smaller.
2. If you want movement to be constrained to a grid, set a Grid Snap Distance.
3. Click , press \ or select Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Move Grab Point.
4. Position the cursor on the grab point of the text you want to move, making sure that the grab point is within the Grab Snap Distance. Press down your left mouse button. Holding down your left mouse button, move your mouse. As you move your mouse you will see the text being moved. When you are satisfied with the position of the text, raise your left mouse button.

If View Vector Ghosts is selected the old position of the text is shown as a gray “ghost”.


Click to undo.


Problems? See Troubleshooting vector editing, Technical support


If a Pick Color is selected you can only move text that is the same color as the Pick Color.
You can also move text by editing the Origin fields in the Vector Text Edit dialog.        
You cannot move outlined text using this function.


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