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OCR Recognition Limit

If you will be converting images that contain text characters, it is important to understand OCR recognition limit.

See Also: OCR settings


What the OCR Recognition Limit does

When Scan2CAD recognizes a character, it does so with a percentage of certainty. For example when it recognizes a character as an A it might be 97% certain that the character is an A and not some other letter or number. The lower the percentage, the more likely it is that the character has been recognized incorrectly.

The OCR Recognition Limit is a percentage threshold. All characters with certainty percentages below this threshold are displayed as question marks (?) after recognition because Scan2CAD is unsure about their identity.

You can edit question marks to the correct characters by manually editing text strings or by using the Dictionary.


Set the OCR Recognition Limit

Set the OCR Recognition Limit in the OCR Settings dialog, which appears when you select OCR Menu > Settings.


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