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Outline deletes solid colored areas of pixels from the raster image to leave raster outlines.


Outline the whole image

1. Select Raster Effects Menu > Outline.
2. In the Preview Window, zoom into the image so that you will be able to clearly see the effects of the outline.
Warning: If you display a large section of your raster image in the Preview Window this function may operate very slowly.
3. Select an outline thickness by moving the slider in the dialog.

The outline thickness is the thickness in pixels that you want the remaining raster outlines to be after the solid areas have been removed.

As you move the slider you will see the raster image being outlined in the Preview Window.

4. Zoom and pan around the image in the Preview Window to make sure the outline thickness you have chosen is appropriate to other parts of the image.

If you are removing solid fills from an image that is a mixture of fills and lines ensure that the outline thickness you have chosen is not so small that lines are hollowed as well as solid fills.

Adjust the outline thickness if necessary.

5. Ensure the Apply changes to Full Image option is selected.
6. Click OK.


Click to undo.


Outline part of the image

If you only want to outline part of the image, choose the part you want to outline by windowing it or zooming into it, then follow the steps above. In Step 5, ensure the Apply changes to Full Image option is not selected.


Special note for color images

If you are working with a color raster image you can modify the way that Outline works by selecting a Pick Color.


Before After: no Pick Color

If no Pick Color is selected Scan2CAD outlines solid raster areas of any color.


Before After: Pick Color = blue

If a Pick Color is selected Scan2CAD outlines Pick Colored solid raster areas only.


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