Paste a file into the raster image

A file saved elsewhere in your hard drive may also be copied and pasted into the raster image you are working on within Scan2CAD. The process is actually very simple, and quite similar to copying and pasting files using other common Windows applications you are already using.

2. Select Raster Edit Menu > Paste From > File.

(You can also select File Menu > Tile > Add Tile from File, which does exactly the same thing.)

3. Select the file you want to paste from the dialog.
4. Click Open.

The file is pasted into the raster image on the screen.

 The pasted area is outlined in red. If View Menu > Cursor Type > Graphic is selected, the cursor changes to the Move cursor: .

4. You can now do any of the following:
Move rotate or scale the pasted area.
Complete the paste by clicking the right mouse button and selecting ‘Paste Completed’.


Click to undo.

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