Paste a vector file

About pasting a vector file

Pasting a vector file gives you the ability to effectively ‘add’ an additional vector image to a loaded vector image. This differs to using the File > Vector > Load command which will load a new vector file, closing all others.

There are no limitations on the number of vector files you can paste into an image. Although you should be aware that if you create an exceptionally complex and large vector file then you should have a PC which has the resources to handle the processing.

How to paste a vector file

  1. First, Click Vector Edit Menu > Paste From > File
  2. Choose the file you wish to load and click ‘Open’
  3. Scan2CAD will overlay a ghosted version of the pasted vector image onto your canvas.
  4. Click and drag the pasted vector image to the location you require.
  5. Complete the paste with the following action: Right click > Move completed.

Only DXF/DWG vector files should be selected for this option.


Additional paste options

During step 3 of the above process you also have the ability to rotate and/or scale the pasted vector image.

To perform either action, right click on your mouse and choose the appropriate action.

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