Reduce colors manually


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1. Select Palette Menu > View/Edit Palette.

The Reduce Colors dialog appears.

2. Select Change From colors.

The Change From colors you select will be changed to the Change To color you select in Step 3 below.



You can select Change From colors by:

Clicking on a color in the Preview Window.

When you click on a color in the Preview Window it will be surrounded by a black border (shown as selected) in the palette.

Using the palette, as shown below.




3. Select the Change To color.




To help you choose the Change To color you may want to display a histogram to see which colors are most used on the image.

4. Click on the Preview Change button.

The Change From colors are changed to the Change To color.

In the Preview Window, all the parts of the raster image that are a Change From color are changed to the Change To color.

In the palette, all the Change From colors are displayed as small squares. This means they are no longer used on the image.

Zoom and pan around the image in the Preview Window to make sure the changes you have made are appropriate to the whole image.

If you are unhappy with the changes you have made, click the Restore button.

5. Repeat Steps 2 to 4 as necessary.
6. Click OK to exit the Reduce Colors dialog.

The changes you have made in the Reduce Colors dialog are applied to the raster image.


Click to undo.


Problems? See Troubleshooting color reduction, Technical support


After you have reduced the colors on the image you may want to use Smooth and Remove Speckles to make the areas of color more uniform.
Unless you have used Change To White or Change To Black, the Change To color will now be set as the Pick Color. Press the U key if you want to deselect it.


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